My AV guy had put little “boosters” throughout my house trying to stretch my WiFi coverage. Actually, all it did was create a huge mess. My speed was great right next to the cable modem, but terrible everywhere else. Also, when I had friends over, I used to cross my fingers and pray that my Sonos would play if we wanted to listen to music.

Todd and his guys put one device in my office, and another in an upstairs closet. Now, every inch of my house has the same WiFi signal as if I were standing next to the cable modem. All of our TV’s and devices connect and have great speed….especially our Sonos!

- Joel G, Financial Planner

We have a 3500 square ft two story house. As long as we were upstairs (where the cable modem is), our WiFi worked great. The problem was, upstairs was for sleeping, downstairs is where we live our lives. Thanks to Todd, now we have incredible speed all throughout the house. It has changed our lives.

Thanks Todd!

- Josh M, Attorney 

My condo isn’t that big, but I was having a hard time staying connected to my WiFi. Todd put in one of his “professional” WiFi “antenna things” and now my signal is really strong and I don’t have to constantly reconnect everything.

- Amy S, Nurse