We here at PowerHouse WiFi know we can’t be all things to all people.

As our name suggests, giving you the best WiFi experience available is our core competency. However, if you need any of the following, we are happy to provide these services as well:

  • WIRING - Wire (or Re-Wire)* home or small office for computer networking, Audio Visual, or “House Sound” needs
  • STREAMING - Set up wired or wireless streaming entertainment such as Sonos wireless audio or Apple TV.
  • CAMERAS - Source and install in-home video cameras, etc.
  • HOME THEATER - Source and install any home theatre needs you may have. We have access to everything from Denon to McIntosh and the trained staff to professionally install it.

*Note: With providers such as AT&T and Time Warner/Spectrum providing ever increasing speeds to customers, we recommend installing Cat6 (or better) networking wire. If your home or office already has Cat 5e, that is acceptable for now, but soon you will need to standardize on one of the faster platforms.

Please call for a free on-site visit for a quote on designing and installing your new upgraded WiFi, house wiring, or AV solution.

If you’ve already purchased some sort of equipment and you need help with the installation, PowerHouse WiFi can help. Our rate is $125/hr plus a nominal trip charge.